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Finding God in Humanity
To bring about our vision requires action, which occurs through our values of Inclusiveness, forgiveness, service, Attentiveness, courage, loyalty, and personal best. At St Luke’s, we wanted the staff, students, and parent community to know that Jesus is the source of love, light, and truth. Jesus is the source of love in our lives, but we do not always recognise this. It can be very easy to become entangled in worldly affairs or the busyness of life. We can be tempted to forget Jesus and his humanity. One of our values, Attentiveness, seeing God in every moment, helps us see Jesus in all humanity. Jesus took time to pray to discern the will of his Father and to experience rest from the crowds of people who followed him; we, too, can rest, regather ourselves and discern what next step is best. This place of communication with God allows us to stop, be attentive, and reflect on the beauty that God has gifted us with. Included in our sacred prayer space are our memorial garden and wall. Members of the community (school and parish) who have gone into eternal rest are represented by a butterfly on the wall. Their butterfly reminds us of the sacredness of human life and that we can find God in each individual.

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