St Kieran Waste Watchers Sustainability Program

St Kieran Catholic Primary School TUART HILL

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St Kieran Waste Watchers Sustainability Program is a whole school embedded program that encapsulates the many elements of sustainability through the school. This incorporates recycling, worm farms, developing walking and riding to school safe routes, waste audits, vegetable gardens, containers for change, managing disposal items, recycling and students leadership. The program itself has been a passion for the staff as they continue to integrate and expose the community to the benefits of sustainability not only as a school but as a wider community. The students have been empowered to lead the ongoing development of this program. The partnership with the City of Stirling continues to allow the school access to professional development and grants to further develop the programs with the community. St Kieran is truly living the sustainability journey through passionate staff, students and the wider community.

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