Student Well-being- A Priority at Liwara Catholic Primary School

Liwara Catholic Primary School GREENWOOD

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With childhood anxiety, ASD, ADHD, and other learning disorders becoming more prevalent in our schools, we felt that more was needed to support our students' wellbeing. Being conscious that wellbeing is not the absence of feeling sad or stressed, as stress is inevitable, we felt a need to increase the student's ability to be aware of their emotions and the strategies available to them. In order to do this, we needed to add to our already very popular sensory room and garden. Seeking to achieve what we valued and believed, led to us redefining our practices, proving that working alongside colleagues is very powerful.

The goal is to provide our students with sensory experiences in order to meet their wide range of needs; from encouraging positive actions to promoting rest and relaxation for the agitated and or stressed.

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