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Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable System of Schools

Keeping pace with the diverse learning needs of WA’s population is vital in ensuring that Catholic schools remain sustainable and responsive in a changing educational landscape.  This includes a clear focus on providing accessible and affordable education for all WA families who choose Catholic education.

The Stewardship category acknowledges outstanding initiatives and projects that have or continue to provide an accessible, affordable educational choice for those families that seek a Catholic education, as well as initiatives and projects that demonstrate initiative and commitment to supporting the needs of students, staff and community.

This award will recognise an outstanding Stewardship project or initiative developed by a Catholic school in Western Australia (one Primary and one Secondary).

Entry Criteria

Provide a 500-word overview of the project or initiative being nominated for the QCE Award.

  • Briefly outline the purpose and desired outcomes of the project or initiative.
  • Describe the strategies, activities and resources employed.
  • How has this initiative or project supported the school in responding to the diverse needs of students, staff and families in your school community?
  • Describe how the project or initiative has enabled equitable access or affordability of education.
  • Describe how your school assessed the impact of the project or initiative.

Please address how well the project aligns with the guiding principles of the CECWA Strategic Direction Stewardship pillar:

  • Initiatives ensuring the accessibility, affordability, sustainability and growth of schools.
  • Transparent and inclusive processes for distributing resources that build equity and co-responsibility across all schools.
  • Responsiveness to the diverse needs of students.

General Information

Nomination Guidelines

All applications must be submitted by 5pm on Friday, 20 August 2021.

Nominations must include the following:

  • Nomination/School Details
  • Nomination endorsement by the principal
  • Nomination Overview of the project or initiative – Maximum 500 words
  • Nomination Summary of the project or initiative – Maximum 100 words - The 100 word summary in your entry nomination will be used for the People’s Choice vote.  Please ensure it encapsulates your initiative.
  • School Logo (high resolution JPG file – minimum 1000px, 500kB).
  • Photographs – Include three-five images (high resolution JPG files – Minimum 3Mb) of the nominated project and/or team members.

Nominations may also include (optional):

  • Supporting Documentation – PDF document (maximum five pages).
  • Media/Video – A video demonstrating the outcomes of the project or initiative (no more than three-minute duration), uploaded to a publicly viewable platform eg. Youtube, Vimeo or Microsoft Stream through your school account.

Any staff member in schools can make the application or be nominated (group nominations are also accepted).

All entries will receive promotion of their nomination through social media.


Category judges will shortlist applications and a final judging panel will determine the winners.


Who is eligible to enter?
Category Award Winners
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