St Mary’s L.E.A.P project: Learning Environments for Active Participation

St Mary's Catholic School BOYUP BROOK


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St. Mary's Catholic School Boyup Brook proudly presents the L.E.A.P. Initiative: Learning Environments for Active Participation. Over five transformative years, we've revitalised our classrooms, collaborating with a learning spaces consultant to foster student engagement. With unwavering commitment, we gutted and reconstructed our spaces, crafting an environment that stimulates curiosity and collaboration. Our classrooms aren't just rooms; they're dynamic arenas for learning. The L.E.A.P. Initiative embodies our dedication to stewardship, creating spaces that empower students to embrace education passionately. Through our journey of innovation, we've redefined the art of teaching and learning. Join us in celebrating a vibrant Catholic education that thrives through transformative engagement.

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